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Detox Foot Bath Guidelines

Because of poor diet & high stress, we tend to accumulate & store excessive quantities of toxins. During a 30-minute detox foot bath session ions enter your body & begin to neutralize your tissues acid waste.   This ionic technique of cleansing through the feet provides a full-body purge of all vital organs

People with the following should avoid using the detox foot bath: Blood thinners During pregnancy or lactation Implanted organ Epileptic Hemophiliac Pacemaker Diabetics & children under 4: start at a reduced power rate & decrease length. * Please consult your health care provider if you are uncertain * When on life-sustaining medications, we suggest you consult your physician

How often should you use the detox footbath:

  • Ages 10-65. Every other day (not to exceed 3 times per week)

  • Under 10, over 65. Recommended no more than twice a week.

WARNING: NEVER operate any other electrical or electronic devices while you are undergoing your foot bath session.

Why water color varies from treatment to treatment

Variations occur due to each individual's energy state and toxicity levels as toxins are re-ionized at the molecular level and react with the metals of the array.  The bubbles are the separation of the hydrogen and oxygen in the water as the ionic field is being created.

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