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Touch for

An alternative therapy designed to
balance the body’s electrical energy
system using the clients muscle
responses to pressure. 

Benefits of Touch for Health

  • Reduces Pain
  • Assists the bodies natural healing process

  • Enhances muscular strength & flexibility

  • Reduces headaches in frequency and intensity

  • Aids in balancing digestion

  • Improves attitude, learning, & emotional well-being

  • Experience clearer thinking
  • Improves posture & coordination
  • Reduces stress level

  • Improves vitality

  • Re-frames perceptions, overcomes fears, blocks & self- sabotage

  • Relax deeply

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Generates motivation & creativity

  • Creates a deep sense of inner calm & peace

Muscle Testing.png

By gently testing specific muscles for their response, we identify muscular and energetic imbalances and stress patterns that are occurring within the body and it’s organs, glands, muscles and meridian systems.

Balance is restored by stimulating specific reflexes that correspond with the impaired area.  This may be accomplished by holding, tapping and/or massaging specific points, tracing the body’s electrical pathways, or working with acupressure points.

Touch for Health helps identify and repair the areas of over and under energy in the body to bring it back into balance.  It is a non-invasive way of bringing the body back to balance by looking at the whole person and cleaning the path for healing.

Muscle testing has been called “the language of the body”.  It is a powerful and effective method of balancing the body’s muscles and energy. 

TFH Pricing

Authentic       |       Holistic

anterior deltoid.png


A technique of balancing posture, emotions and energy for stress relief, greater peace and overall wellbeing.

Session generally lasts 60-90 minutes.= $85.00

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